Allen Iverson speech choked several times: want to become another Jordan
In today's Hall of fame ceremony speech, Iverson said that he had thought of becoming another Jordan Michael, at the same time, in his view, you can achieve today's success, thanks to the two - Thompson and Larry - Brown.
It is worth mentioning that, in today's Hall of fame ceremony speech, Iverson thanked the three references of their own, are top 76 team coach Larry Brown, former Georgetown University coach John Thompson and basketball legend Julius - Erwin who wear throwback jerseys .
"Coach Thompson saved my life, and then I went into the NBA League, a MVP, the all star team, and I finally knew how good Brown was." Iverson said.
In the NBA occupation career, Iverson met many opponents, one of the most impressive perhaps is the "air" Michael - Jordan who wear bulls jersey. In today's speech, Iverson reviewed the scene with Jordan for the first time.
"At that time I wanted to be another Jordan," said Iverson, "I remember the first time he was against him. I walked up to him and looked at him. That's what it feels like, 'brother, that's Jordan. I looked at him and kept looking at him. This is Jordan, my hero, my hero."
Although Iverson did not win the title during the NBA, but he still has a lot of people's support and love, especially the 76 fans is so. In today's Hall of fame was sele to the ceremony, when Iverson speech, a lot of fans are shouting "MVP". It is worth mentioning that, in today's selec ceremony, Iverson spoke in a number of choking.
"My relationship with the fans in Philadelphia is not the same as the rest of the situation. I thank you for the support you have given me so many years." Iverson said.