Iverson: Lebron can enter the history of the first 5
  Former 76 star Iverson, although out of people's attention for many years, but his attention to basketball has not been reduced. Recently, he and rap singer Jadakiss made a wide range of interviews, talk about some of their favorite players.
  When it comes to his mind in the history of the first 5 players, Iverson gives the answer: Jordan who wear bulls jersey , O'neal, Kobe, Lebron who wear cavs jersey , fifth places there are too many candidates."
  Of course, Iverson did not want to stress the past, he gives the active players in their most impressive list of five people, in addition to LeBron, Iverson inner active like most of the five players are stephen curry who wear ua curry 2 , Westbrook, Irwin, Durant, Carmelo Anthony. It is obvious that Iverson preference scoring point guard, this is not surprising, because Iverson's own career is one such player, he in his NBA career, midfielder were boom 26.7 points, in NBA career averaging scoring can be ranked seventh.