Top 10 NBA Beautiful Wife
Only a short while ago, former NBA player Marko Jari C is enviable how, this is not because what he played in the NBA, but because he has a goddess wife (ex-wife......) She is Brazil supermodel Adriana Lima. The American media has repeatedly to NBA's wife for ranking, and Lima more than once was thought to be the number one NBA wife, is well deserved

1.Adriana Lima(Jarić Ex-wife )

Lima Marko & Jaric Adriana has two daughters, two divorced in 2014. Adriana Lima is a senior's angel

2.Vanessa:(Kobe's wife)

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Vanessa, the famous star Bryant Kobe's wife, in recognition of Kobe before, in Losangeles, Mariana high school in reading, she is very active in the school's drama club, academic performance is also very good. In 2000 and Kobe married, married with two girls, as Kobe's wife.

3.Eva Longoria:Park's ex-wife

For Longoria Eva, we are not unfamiliar, but it is the temptation to the desperate housewives, but did not get the treasure of Park. As born to know the romantic French, Park also can not help but love affair. Eva and Park under intolerable, choose to end the marriage.

4.Amelia Vega:Al Horford's wife

 Amelia Vega is the Miss Universe in 2003,  as the Dominica Republic first won the Miss Universe title of honor, to marry so beautiful wife Horford also became the object of many NBA players envy.

5.Khloe Kardashian:Lamar Odom's ex-wife

Kardashian Khloe, due to appear in the family reality show series "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" became popular; in 2009, and Odom Lamar married couple. But Odom negative ridden, because Odom Lamar re drinking and refused to accept the drug, Khloe deeply despair, she in 2015 to the court to re apply for a divorce.

6.Kim Kardashian:Humphries ex-wife

When people talk about NBA, how can one not to mention Kim Kardashian, although Humphries and her marriage became a joke, but there is no denying that one is still attractive. Humphries and Kardashian of the brief combination of NBA is one of the biggest jokes, two people a very happy and sweet, and soon into the marriage hall. But the marriage was only 72 days.

7.Larsa:Pippen's wife

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Larsa used to be a professional model, with the descent of the people of Assyria and the American people. In 1997 to marry Pippen, two people have been together 19 years of groundless talk, although Pippen is married for the two time, but Larsa has captured the heart of Pippen, Pippen and now she has fathered 4 children, because of Larsa's unique personality charm, he received a high respect of countless people.

8.Sabina Gadecki: David Lee's wife

Sabina Gadecki is not only an actor, but also a model, she also won the Miss World Title in 2002 Poland descent, let his teammates envy the coveted glamorous degree

9.Hannah:Klay Thompson's Wife

Stocking Hannah, is actually a online star, personal Instagram has 1 million 800 thousand fans!

10.Vanessa:Duncan's Wife

In the eyes of most people, Duncan is synonymous with simple, but Duncan is a sister Liao master, he often to his wife Vanessa said: "you are beautiful​​​​​​​.

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