top 10 sales jersey during 6---9 Month
   From ESPN say this offseason NBA Jersey sales ranking - Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Lebron James beat warriors Stephen curry topped this year show champ Ben Simmons, one of the TOP10.
The statistics of this list is June 23rd --8 31. James in the finals last season near perfect performance, led the Cavaliers in the total score 1-3 behind the case, winning 3 games, eventually win the warriors, the history of the first team win the champ. Because of this, James's cavs jersey sales increased significantly to the top ranked NO.2 and cooley.
Ranked third in the summer to join the warriors of the Durant - Kevin. And No. 4-10 bits are kyrie irving (Cleveland), Derik Ross (Nicks) Dwayne - Wade (Bulls), Kobe Bryant (retired), Tim Duncan (retired), Russell Westbrook (thunder), and Simmons (76 team)
Ranked NO.10 Simmons surprising, after all, he is the top 10 in the list of the only 1 rookie. From Jersey sales can be seen, the expectations of the fans of the australian.
Data show that, compared with last summer, the 76 official shop Jersey sales increased by 76%, which is in direct contact with simmons. "This is a wonderful summer, we see the positive side," the 76 man team chief marketing officer Chris heck said, "we see changes in Simmons, he really has high popularity."
It is worth mentioning that this summer with the Rockets to contract James harden and not one of the TOP10. The offseason popularity rankings, "beard" and Simmons